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Jan 29

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Here is What You'll Learn

Get insight into the basics of blockchain & learn how to get around the cryptoverse.

We discover what is blockchain & what are cryptocurrencies through plenty of use cases.

How to make money, if you play it smart.

We will show you hyper-effective inroads to benefit from this all encompassing technology. A true eye-opener. We will show you where to look. We will show you how to look.

Where the blockchain-companies are clustered & some of the legal ramifications.

Discover why Liechtenstein has one of the best and most blockchain-friendly legislations. Understand the consequences of the blockchain alliance between China, Switzerland and Canada, to name only one here.

Which cryptocurrency and blockchain applications are on the cutting edge...

You will learn to discern what projects are worth your while, and which ones to avoid. And why. We go on an exciting journey through DEFI, NFTS, gaming, decentralised marketplaces, applications & more of the newest tendencies.

What blockchain ecosystems are & how they reward us.

Building ecosystems and smoothly inserting reward mechanisms, without the need of third parties to make transactions happen (between humans or machines) is a very powerful key, generating winwin situations for all involved. We are rather proud to share our vision on how digital and natural ecosystems intertwine, and how crypto- and biodiversity seem to go hand in hand...


Each session consists of 2 hours.


Basic definitions and concepts. What is a blockchain? What are cryptocurrencies? Private, decentralised and scalable? Let’s talk about cost reduction and eliminating third parties… pseudo-anonymity, digital trust and mining. And let’s try to do so in a refreshingly new way, where possible.


We go over an abundance of private and public use cases. We go through a wide scope of examples, which helps students grasp the myriad of possibilities this technology harbours: from safe elections to product tracking. We especially zoom in on ‘connecting the real world with the digital.’


Best crypto strategies. In general. How do we make an income from crypto? We look at writing code, creating tokens and token crowd sales. Mining. Cryptocurrencies are redefining the meaning of ownership & we should have a careful look at its consequences. Multiple strategic options. The circular economy and crowdsourcing.


Investing versus trading. DISCLAIMER: Again. No investment advice. We are here only for educational purposes. We look at twitter as a resource. Observing some basic techniques others use in terms of volume and price action. It is all about educating yourself. 


Where to get your info? What is best to study? What institutions give quality education? Where is it for free? Blockchain strategies can help you reinvent business from scratch… How? Where? What? Who? Observing some new industries, especially the role of so-called ‘oracles’ and the change it implies for traditional business.


We have a good look at tools and toolkits. Automated filling of taxes or trades. Alerting systems. Artificial intelligence. News aggregators and network statistics. Rebalancing tools. Calendar tools. We look at what could be of use to you. We also observe some cryptofolios in detail.


Legal aspects and blockchain hubs. We look at audits and tracing illegal activities, as we always want to comply with governments and their regulations. More on the concept of ownership, in terms of new legal domains, structures and restructuring. The power of multinationals in the hands of individuals. Fireworks and disruption.


Inspiring trends, applications and The Multiverse. Decentralised Finance (DEFI) & the acceleration of NFTS (Non-Fungible TokenS.) Lending without a banker. The clothes of your avatar in virtual reality & how to authenticate originals. Imagine planting a seed in a game, and having a tree grow in real life.


Finding the gems, seeing the jams. We have a look at the technical obstacles and what this implies for our cryptographic future. What are possible quantum leaps ahead? What makes a gem truly a gem? The riddles of scaling and inheritance? And this in relation to privacy and degree of decentralisation.


We take a look at how cryptocurrencies will help reforest our planet. The beautiful interrelationship between natural and digital ecosystems. To the rescue of carbon offsetting & the acceleration of natural restoration. We have a broader look at ecochains enhancing sustainability.


About Erwin Vanmassenhove

Erwin Vanmassenhove is a blockchain and crypto strategist, with a keen eye for reforestation, re-greening, food supply and water management systems. His formal education has been on the crossroads of economy, ecology and arts. Erwin holds strategic blockchain degrees at MIT and Berkeley University, amongst others. He lives in Las Palmas, Spain & loves swimming in the open sea. Please visit to find more detailed information on each webinar series.

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